Maj 2009 - Brev fra Sani Resort

Dear Sir/Madam,

Following your interest on this issue, we wanted to update you on our progress.

In cooperation with Julie Tsiakmakis of the animal welfare organisation Animal Rescue Halkidiki, and according to international animal welfare guidelines, with our financial support all stray animals in the Sani area have been sterilized and immunized. Two male cats only remain, which have been difficult to catch. Three animals have been given up for adoption to date, and Julie is hoping to help us find homes for others too.

In addition, a comprehensive register of all animals, with their photograph and immunization/sterilization details has been developed by Julie and handed over to the head of our security staff, who now maintains it. We have instituted a detailed process of identifying new stray animals that enter the area, led and carried out by our security team, so that Animal Rescue can be alerted in the case of new strays that remain on the premises, in order for them to be appropriately immunized and added to the register, as well as be put up for adoption when that is possible.

Our company has also completed training on the issue to permanent staff, who are aware of the aforementioned processes and progress. We have also added this key information to our induction training packets that goes to all new and seasonal employees.

In cooperation with the local residents association (approx. 600 summer homes in the area), we are securing and drafting an article on stray animals in the local paper published by the association, advising them on animal welfare, and informing residents of the terrible consequences of leaving their animals behind after the summer season is over and they have moved back to the city. We have also recommended to the Association’s Board that they add a section on this in the new phonebook of the area, which is going to print in a month’s time.

We have been in touch with a hotel in Crete that has implemented a cat café according to WSPCA guidelines with great results, and we are currently considering different opinions on whether this would work for the Sani area. Some veterinary practitioners have expressed an opinion that this might exacerbate the problem as local residents may view this as a reason to leave their pets behind. We are currently assessing and weighing all these viewpoints, while recognizing the very positive effect a well-run cat café would have on ensuring the animals are not frequenting the tavernas in the public marina.

The police have informed us that following our reporting of the cat poisoning incident in January, their investigation into the crime is continuing. If we have any news on that, we will make sure to inform you.

We would like to thank you again for taking an interest in this issue. We would also like to share with you our thanks to Julie from Animal Rescue Halkidiki for her tireless work to ensure a better quality of life for all animals in the Halkidiki region, and helping us with all our actions listed above.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on this matter.

Your sincerely,

Eleni Andreadis